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An angry customer mentioned, "Jackpot Joy is an awful awful cheating site, it turns out on Trustpilot that they have flagged my review up. This is because my review was factual and they don’t like this. I have been playing on their site for years and I have to say my eyes are finally open. No wins no bonus games wow. They claim to look after problem gamblers. By law they have to provide them with tools to help. However this does not stop them from contacting people who are having issues and tempting them back with free bonuses. Watch BBC iPlayer on them or YouTube them. Also, Facebook posts about scams and cheating. They don’t want people to know. Trustpilot allows businesses to reply to reviews meaning that they can talk their way out of trouble. Please don’t use them."


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Nobby Jockey says

"Do not bet here. I first just went for the free bonus. I then deposited and played. I won about 500 quid. I spent about 40. Read the terrible reviews and thought " oh I won't get my money". Wrong. I got paid up pretty quickly. I even got a call saying I'm vip and got 60 quid box bonanza!! All good!. That was nearly a year ago. I have gradually lost more than I have ever won. Well paying bonuses will soon enough pay pennies. The amount of teases and terrible bonus spins will make you come to the conclusion that this company can fix the games. Honest review this!! If you scroll back you will see a time and dated review from me praising them. I can only be truthful. They're a con artist."

libby Gordon says

"Having been a customer for 10 yrs really disapointed in all the rubbish. Went through compliance 2 years ago Then last year was told that unless they speak to EVERYONE who has or puts money into my bank account and they prove where they get it then they will close my account . Ok so i have 2 children who i loan money to and they put it back into my bank . So they have to prove where they get it ( its only now and again and at most £50) also want to speak to partner as we have a joint account .(so really partner CANT see what deposits i make ??) What is issue ahh wait a minute maybe the fact that in a 3 week spell i withdrew 5K . So they closed my account as i tatally lost it with them saying they wanted my kids to explain where they got their money from . DISGUSTED"

customer says

"Deposited 200+ in a week using 20p stake on same game, emailed them asking are there games tested, they replied the same rubbish saying we can see you won 10 INCREDIBLE !! Play the same game on different sites this is the worst, total con site"

David Stevens says

"110% Fixed slots if your looking for fair play go some where else This site is appalling for payouts ....there much better fairer sites I cannot understand how they are still going and haven't had there licence removed"

Elizabeth Anthony says

"I play most gamesy sites I entered everything and not one box bonanza all over Christmas an actually since lockdown my free weekly games I didnt win one this week on 5 sites I'm going to look for a new site they can get my money every month. I've had no wins I spend alot of money on your sites its stopping now monthly games are a joke. It's like your taking advantage of people's misery during lockdown it used to be fun an had some game play now theres none just take take take.... :("

baz says

"I deposited a few quid and had a few wins which were processed into my bank, but on the 16th dec 2020 i built up a balance of £8000, i withdrew the amount but the following day it hadn`t been processed to my bank as normal. when i contacted them they said it was due to the fact my account was under review and this would take 3/5 working days, we are now over 3 weeks down the line and still nothing, when i contact them they now say there is no timescale to how long this can take, the agents you chat to are nice and sympathetic the one i talked to yesterday said it would all be done by today but hey ho obviously another lie, strange how you are never able to talk to someone with a bit of clout, i am now thinking this is a total scam and i have been conned, i will be contacting my local newspaper regarding this and whoever else will listen as i`ve had enough of their excuses !!"

Barbara says

"Absolutly disgraful site deposited for first time in months yesterday and was in middle of play i was up with winnings and they suddenly closed my account whilst in play. Contacted support and they said i needed al sorts of id and a selfie holiding my passport and a dated letter.appauling will not be doin this never had any problems playing sky vegas or paddy power. Ill stick to playing these sites from now on."

Ricky Clift says

"Not a bad site until i withdrew £16000 and i have still not received any of it. I have been waiting a month today. All the customer helpline keeps saying is that it is being reviewed by the compliance team!! No time scale as to when i will recieve anything but its usually 1-5days which it is 6× over that now!!"

david edwards says

"Used to be really good, then the monthly reward game 16p!!! little chance of winning. So many draws each month to entice you to play but all on different games. Seem to be wanting a different class of customer these days quite sad really. Again, nice to JackpotJoy try to justify themselves by blaming the customer. Games slow to load Games crashing Poor payouts Terrible monthly games But you keep telling the world how great you are i am sure someone somewhere will believe you"

Sarah louise harrison says

"Atrocious payouts just like its other sites virgin games and heart bingo!!! AVOID THESE SITES JUST TAKES YOUR MONEY AND GIVES HARDLY ANY WINS AT ALL!!! these sites have definitely taken advantage of people during lockdown. These sites need properly looking into"

Nicole says

"I will never use this site ever again now that I have spoke with a manager and all they do is rent there games from blue print so everything they tell you about there gaming systems they do not know what they are talking about as they do not control them all they have is graphics of the game so here is just to show you some of my screen shots have a look at some of the symbols on my game some are blanked out I have been through all procedures with internet clearing my browser restarting my internet and finding out the speed of the internet when they are filling your head with a lot of nonsense when it’s more like there end of the connection when they have that many people running of them and websites have a good look at my pictures I have some are white blacked out with no prices on then disgrace does that not tell you there is a glitch on the game and they always say there is nothing wrong on there side here’s the proof."

Margaret Harrison says

"I've played at JPJ for over 20 years the site was a baby when I joined but it was a really good bingo and slots site. Then things changed bit by bit, wins are none existent same winners every day multiple times from being picked in chat games to winning big jackpots 10 quid on bingo not even a share, 10 quid on slots and 35p back. I've sat and watched for over 12 hours a single so called person will 18 times. No-one wins any jackpot its names of so called winners is a bot not real person so money stays with them or they have peeps that chat and been in a few months and boom jackpot winner and boom again same winner and yep boom same winner again and yet I've never seen them since bit strange that. So don't bother with this site its diabolical they say they are regulated but its a fine line before its illegal SAVE YOUR MONEY PLAY ELSEWHERE"

Clare says

"You’re lucky to get a 1 star personally I would give you zero absolute joke of a site I was with them and a sister site for over 10+yrs used to deposit a fair amount until I spent a lil more one month then they restricted my limits 😮 want to know how much you earn and if you can afford to lose ect . I closed my account recently as it’s disgusting clearly there to take your money stay well away from this site ! Personally I don’t think they have the right to cap your limits it’s clearly by personal choice and that is being took away from you !!😡 used to be a good site years back but now i would not spend 1p on it !!!! Oh and they wouldn’t remove the limit only allowed me to slightly increase it so made it more difficult to win anything decent !!! Good one jpj"

Princess Mononoke says

"Absolutely appauling site. Played with them for years always losing barely cashing out. Finally won a little bit and then my account got closed. Was asked to produce photo ID. Took me a while to get it because of the pandemic going on and my agoraphobia. Got them the ID they asked me to take a picture of me holding the ID? Which was odd but i did it. Then got told to take a picture of me holding the ID with the date. Even odder but I did it. Got the same generic email 4 times telling me i needed to "have a picture of me holding the ID with the date" kept sending new pics kept getting same generic email. Finally spoke to someone she guarenteed "send the picture with the date hand written and we'll open your account" heard nothing back. Spoke to live chat again and now they "have to call you to verifiy" I am completely deaf in one ear barely can hear from the other. They said basically tough it has to be a call. Said Can i be in the room while someone speaks for me? They said "no it has to be you" Told them this was barely possible they said I can't have an account without it. Literally trying every possible way to get out of paying me £160.... I deal with 8 other casinos never had anything like this ever. DO NOT USE THEM. THEY WONT PAY."

Sharona says

"So today's the day between 3pm and 7pm when I have eagerly checked my jpj account balance to see how much I've won from the Christmas cracker promotion ending 28th dec for today's draw. So 500 prizes of anything from £50-3000 , so for every wager of £30 you get and entry into the draw. I wagered over £530 pounds in the given 24th dec to 28th dec timeframe so 17 entries. What did I win?? NOTHING. And yes I expect usual generic reply of it's down to luck etc but come on be real"

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